Dr. Uche Nwadike Opens Medical Piercing Clinic in Calgary

January 14, 2022

Safe & Sanitary Ear Piercing

6213 Centre St NW Suite 10, Calgary, AB T2K 0V2

Safe and sanitary medical piercing for infants, kids and adults is now available in Calgary, Alberta.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, January 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Medical Piercing clinic is offering hygienic and safe ear piercing for babies, children, teens and adults. Piercings are virtually painless and completed by a medical professional. The clinic uses the internationally renowned Blomdahl piercing method.

Blomdahl Piercing Method

Developed on the “modern aseptic technique”, the Blomdahl piercing method is designed to avoid the spreading of infections during piercing. This sterile method dramatically reduces the risk of infection and has been safely performed on hundreds of thousands of patients in Canada and around the world.

Safe Ear Piercing For Babies

Medical ear piercing is safe and effective for both babies and kids. Performed under medical supervision, in a sterile environment and with medically approved equipment, medical ear piercing significantly reduces the chances of transmitting blood-borne viruses. Medical ear piercing also reduces the risks of ear lobe tissue damage in infants and young children.

Safe Nose Piercing in Calgary

At the Medical Piercing clinic, the nose piercing procedure is carried out by a medical professional using medical equipment designed to virtually eliminate the chance of infection while delivering the desired result with minimal discomfort or delay. A topical anesthetic is also applied before the nose piercing to minimize immediate discomfort.

Dr. Uche Nwadike MBBS (Nig.), MPH (UK), LMCC, CCFP (Canada), CIME (USA)

Dr. Nwadike has been practicing clinical medicine for over 15 years and his professional experience spans over four countries in four continents. Providing the highest level of care while delivering excellence in medical piercing for all ages is Dr. Nwadike’s specialty. Dr. Uche always strives to be up to date with medical knowledge and piercing methods in order to support his commitment to make piercing more friendly, safe, and painless.

At the Medical Piercing clinic in Calgary, Dr. Nwadike has a highly qualified team passionate about patient care. They provide the utmost comfort for patients during their medical piercing procedures.

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